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Today we have sent out our first bi-weekly newsletter. The idea behind this publication is to keep you all updated with new product arrivals, product reviews, and industry information!

ArborSide Compassion Newsletter

November 6, 2019 — It’s Autumn out here in Ann Arbor! The colors are changing, the temperatures are getting colder, and it’s almost time for hot chocolate by the fireplace! This month we are starting our first ever ARBORSIDE NEWSLETTER, check out some of our new products and staff reviews of some of our favorites!

Staff Favorites for Fall!

Light Sky Farms, Nug Abduction, Fregrowli, and more!

GMO Gusher Sauce processed by Fregrowli.

Consistent Quality Medicine

At ArborSide Compassion we are committed to providing our patients with medicine that is both safe and effective. ArborSide Compassion has continued to seek out the best edibles, concentrates, flower, and topicals available in Michigan.  We are fortunate to feature local award winning companies and products. Below we highlight some of our staff favorite picks for medicating this fall.

Featured Flower: Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz is a cross between Zkittlez x Gelato.

Pink Runtz combines two of the best mood stabilizing strains there is. Neither are overwhelming, in fact, they deliver a hazy cerebral buzz paired with top tier body relief from aches and pains… the best part about this strain? It creeps on you. You will be midway through your joint before this starts making your eyes glossy, your face warm, and your mood: happy.

Layla H, Budender @ Arborside Compassion

Featured Concentrate: Fregrowli – Indigo Cherries

Indigo Cherries Sauce (Indigo Daydream x Sour Cherries)

Indigo Cherries is an Indica leaning hybrid sauce. This premium concentrate was processed by Fregrowli, from organic flower grown by Origin Canopies. Great for pain, stress, and anxiety, without being too sedating or sleep inducing. The cross strains used (Indigo Daydream x Sour Cherries) create a smooth and fruity terpene profile that adds to a nice, relaxing buzz.”

Chloe K, Budtender @ Arborside Compassion

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  1. Melissa Mooney
    November 8, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    Do you accept valid ohio patients?

    • Alex S
      November 21, 2019 at 7:57 pm


  2. Michael Patterson
    November 14, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    Thank you for starting this newsletter. It was a pleasant surprise to find the link in my email. Thank you again for all you do.

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