WeedMaps Listing is Down

    Last week our WeedMaps listing was taken down because our facility is not fully licensed through the State of Michigan.

    We have been working on becoming licensed since the beginning of 2018 and we have been operating in this location since September of 2011. We anticipate receiving our State Operating License within the next 3 weeks.

    It is our understanding that the State was pressured by local competition to approach WeedMaps to take our listing down. It blows our minds to think we have been paying WeedMaps monthly since 2011 and they are afraid to keep our listing up, even though the State of Michigan is allowing us to continue operation while we finalize our Provisioning Center license.

    After we are fully licensed, we will no longer be able to carry caregiver product. We highly recommend visiting soon to make sure you get a chance to try products from Subzero Solventless, Red Roc, Spurtz, and more before they’re gone!

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    Please utilize our website menu until further notice: www.arborside.com/menu/

    Questions? Feel free to contact us via email: management@arborside.net

    Have a great day!